14 Definitions for Millennial Slang Words You See All Over the Internet

If you’re not familiar with viral Internet slang these days, listening to young people’s conversations can easily sound like a foreign language. Or deciphering a caption on an Instagram post can feel like an accelerated course in ancient Greek.

There’s just too much and it changes too often.

We found a Millennial to help explain all of the words to us. It’s helpful, but still a bit confusing.

14 Definitions for Millennial Slang Words You See All Over the Internet:

1. Shook

Describes anything that makes you feel shocked, scared or excited; can be good or bad depending on context

Ex: “OMG did you see Madison’s snapchat? I’m shook!”

2. Lit

1) extremely intoxicated or 2) used to describe something amazing or awesome

Ex: “Did you have fun at that party last night?”

“Yeah, it was so lit.”

3. Goals

Describes something one desires to have or aspires to achieve (doesn’t require being used in a full sentence)

Ex: “Carrie Underwood’s legs are actual GOALS.”

4. Extra

When someone does or says something that is over-the-top and/or unnecessary

Ex: “Why was Selena acting so extra last night?

5. On Fleek

The state of being on point or very good; originally used to describe one’s eyebrows

Ex: “Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek today!”

Can also be used as a verb

Ex: “Your eyebrows are fleeking today.”

6. TBH

Abbreviation for the phrase “to be honest;” can be added to any statement that is even remotely honest

Ex: “I’m craving Taco Bell tbh.”

7. Aesthetic

Refers to something that is simply pleasing to the eye or in line with one’s own interests or lifestyle

Ex: “Look at this new purse I got, isn’t it cute?”

“Yes! It’s totally your aesthetic.”

8. Lowkey

Secretly, discreetly, slightly; keeping something on the low

Ex: “I’m lowkey sad tomorrow is our last day of school.”

9. Savage

A person who doesn’t care about the consequences of his/her actions; saying or doing something out of control, bad ass, etc;

Ex: “Chelsea Handler is a straight-up savage.”

10. Sus

Word to describe someone acting shady or suspicious; short for “suspect”

Ex: “That Ben guy is super sus…don’t invite him.”

11. Dead

When something is so funny that using “LOL” or “LMAO” doesn’t do it justice; you’re laughing so hard you’re practically dying.

Ex: “LOL, I’m dead!!!”

12. RT

Stands for “Retweet,” in reference to the action of reposting a tweet via Twitter; simply used to express agreement

Ex: “We should go see that La La Land movie tonight.”


13. Shade

A comment or action that involves a subtle amount of disrespect or judgement towards someone or something

Ex: “Jennifer went to the mall and didn’t even invite us! The shade!”

Can also be used as a verb.

Ex: “I don’t mean to throw shade, but his new haircut looks horrible.”

14. Tea

Hot gossip, juicy personal information

Ex: “You better spill the tea about what happened last night.”