Meet The Woman Behind These 9 Amazing Mirror Cakes


We showed you a YouTuber’s attempt to make one of these mirror cakes the other day, one that was admittedly less than perfect. But with all of these pictures floating around, someone has to be able to make these, right?

One of those someones is Olga Noskova, who’s taking the world by storm with her beautiful homemade mirror cakes. Olga isn’t even a professional baker— just someone with a lot of talent– but she probably will be with the way pictures of her cakes are spreading like fire through the Internet.

Unfortunately, Olga is based in Ufa, Russia, which is a pretty long drive from here. So for now, we’ll have to bask in the glory of her cakes from afar. Check them out.

Look at this gorgeous marbling.

Have you seen a red cake so beautiful?

By the way, the inside of that cake is just as incredible.

This can’t be real, can it?

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Such insane attention to detail.

Oh, and she does more than just the glossy texture. Check out this beauty.

Both of her signature textures at work.

It’s hard to love just one of these.

If you’re looking for more amazing cakes, check out her Instagram here. So incredible!