Historic Mississippi Home Gets a Major Facelift


If there’s anything I know to be true after my many hours of watching Chip and Joanna on “Fixer Upper,” it’s that any home can be brought back to life if you have the right eye (and a lot of elbow grease).

Louisiana couple Maria and William Thomas bought a historic plantation in Fayette, Mississippi, and it was basically a shell of a home when they got their hands on it. But 3 months later, they had a Pinterest-perfect home that you have to see to believe. Honestly, I’m not convinced magic wasn’t used in this transformation.

Originally built around 1825, the 2,770-square-foot home sits on 680 acres. In just 3 months, it was able to go from this…

Bjorn Wallander/Country Living

To this!

Bjorn Wallander/Country Living

The before and after images are unbelievable.

And the final result is simply beautiful!