14 Hilarious #MomTexts That Will Remind You of Your Mom


I love getting texts from my mom. Like most women her age, she doesn’t feel bound by any sort of texting rules, (unlike my generation who grew up chatting online). We have our own text lingo and unspoken rules – THIS IS YELLING!

My mom doesn’t know or care about any of that, and even though I’m an adult myself, she still likes to give me advice, tell me about the weather, and share other things that only a mom would share via text. Often her texts crack me up, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t screen shot them every now and then and send them to my sister or best friend. Turns out, I’m not the only one who does that.

14 Hilarious #MomTexts That Will Remind You of Your Mom:

1. Moms LOVE emojis.

2. But sometimes emojis are confusing.


3. Or it simply takes too long for them to fix their texts.


4. Which is probably because they text like this.

5. They send frantic warnings.

6. CAPS LOCK MUCH? Yes, they do.


7. They share details of movies they are watching.


8. Sometimes they throw in random words.

9. And when you’re single, you find out via text that your mom just gave out your number.

10. They don’t always get acronyms/text lingo.

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11. They really do want the best for you.


12. They think you can control everything on the Internet.

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13. They take things very literally.


14. But sometimes moms have the last word.

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