6 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Wearing Mood Rings

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Okay, so mood rings haven’t exactly been the height of popularity lately. These little trinkets have been relegated to dumpsters, closets, and younger family members, a bygone relic of another era. Some would say that this is good. Why champion dead fashion? But we’re pretty sure mood rings have a place in today’s fashion world. Check out why.

1. They’re insanely cool.

So maybe mood rings stretched the truth a little when we used them in the ’90s. It’s time to let all of that hatred go, because at the end of the day, mood rings are pretty neat things. After all, they change color based on temperature. Remember when color changing t-shirts were all the rage? Channel that childhood excitement back into your wardrobe again.

2. They’re totally awesome.

Like, totally. No really, we weren’t joking. What did these little guys do to deserve so much hate? They change color all by themselves. What more do you want?

3. ’90s chic is cool again.

And you thought we skipped right over the ’90s. Turns out, every decade makes a comeback eventually, and the ’90s are no different. Chokers, tousled hair, and flannels are all back and bigger than ever. Who’s to say the humble mood ring won’t be next?

4. They’ll match your makeup.

Speaking of being next, mood rings have already made a resurgence in a surprising place: makeup. Yes, the staple of every girl’s morning routine has incorporated that super advanced ’90s technology into lipsticks, blushes, and more, albeit with less quirky colors. So you’re basically already wearing mood rings in a sense if you’re cool enough.

5. They go with everything.

Since they change colors, no one can blame you for not matching. That blue doesn’t quite go with that dress? No worries, just wait until the color changes. Simple and elegant. Speaking of elegant, mood rings look a lot better than they did in the ’90s, so don’t be afraid to shop around to find one you like.

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6. They’re full of surprises.

Your roommate ate the last of the Pop Tarts and didn’t inform you. You’re seething with rage. Or are you? Surprisingly, your mood ring says you’re happier than a cool cocktail on a beach. You’re suddenly inspired to fix a cocktail. See? Mood rings are really just trying to help out. Let them.