See Inside One Of The Most Expensive Airbnb’s in America That Costs $2,500 Per Night

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Most people look to Airbnb for unique, affordable housing options when they travel. Some on the other hand might look for something extravagant that they can splurge on for a night or two.

I did some research to find the most expensive Airbnb listings in the United States, and there are some seriously incredible places out there– but this 9 bedroom, 9 bathroom mansion near Lake Tahoe is unreal.

The “Heavenly Mansion” is located right next to a ski lodge, the “Heavenly California Lodge.”

It has 9 bathrooms that are all nicer than my entire house.

I know I can’t be the only one who has always wanted a fireplace in my room.

And an indoor pool so you can take a dip any time of year.

Even the poolside seating is gorgeous (and complete with a cozy fireplace).

It has lots of outdoor seating areas that back up to beautiful woods.

And the kitchen is an actual dream.

I mean, look at all of that space!!

It also has an indoor movie theatre with leather recliners and couches.

And a game room complete with a pool table.

Can’t you just imagine having your family and friends around this table??

Oh, and it has its own sauna.

You can check out the full listing here.