14 Must-Have Drinking Accessories For Men


Whether you consider yourself a social drinker, a lush, or maybe you’re a connoisseur of all things alcohol— these must-have drinking accessories might be right up your alley.

14 Must-Have Drinking Accessories For Men:

1. Whiskey Stones.
Skip the ice and serve your drinks on the rocks— literally. Whiskey stones won’t ever water down your drink and you can use them over-and-over again.

($19.95, crateandbarrel.com)


2. Whiskey Wedge.
An artful way to keep for you to keep your whiskey (or vodka or tequila) ice cold.

($17.95, corkcicle.com)


3. Beer Making Kit.
These kits will give you everything you need to get started making almost any type of beer. They are reusable and include all the brewing equipment and ingredients you’ll need for a one-gallon, all-grain batch of beer.

($30-$70, brooklynbrewshop.com)

4. Bottle-Holding Hand Koozie.
This allows you to enjoy your beer in cold climates— all while keeping your hands harm.

($29.99, hanskie.com)


5. Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set.
Because every man needs to be able to make drinks like a true bartender.

($25, the bostonshaker.com)

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6. Beer Tracker Bottle Opener.
Because sometimes it’s nice to know how much beer you’ve drank before it’s too late.

($5.95, barproducts.com)

7. Ravenscroft Decanter Set.
There is no better way to display a man’s libations than with a quality decanter. It makes whatever you’re pouring just a little bit sexier.

($80, ravenscroftcrystal.com)

8. Scotch Glass.
Because every man needs a quality set of scotch glasses for his single malt after a long day.

(prices vary, amazon.com)

9. Wine Thermometer.
So you can take the temperature of your wine and get the most from the taste.

($14.95, menudesignshop.com)

10. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses.
What better way to spice up your tequila shots than with reusable shot glasses carved from pink Himalayan salt?

($24.99, wineenthusiast.com)


11. “The Joy of Mixology,” by Gary Regan.
One of the best guides for making cocktails at home. It provides a brief history of the mixed drink, helpful tools and glassware, and most importantly, a breakdown of drink families.

($19.81 amazon.com)


12. Wine Stopper.
Whether you are the consummate connoisseur, a table-service professional, or simply a casual sipper, once you break open a bottle of wine there’s no need for it to go to waste.

(prices starting at $9.95, homewetbar.com)

13. Hidden Alcohol Flask.
For the when a flask is too obvious, a handy little flask that’s disguised in fake tubes of sunscreen, bronzer and hair gel.

($15.99, bartoolsboss.com)

14. Hide-A-Beer Soda Can Cover.
Allows you to drink your beer in public without getting caught. Simply slide the sleeve right over your beer and drink away.

($7.50, amazon.com)