10 Times People’s Handwriting Blew Our Minds In Honor Of National Handwriting Day


Most of us look back on handwriting class with a mix of anxiety and revulsion. But for some people, handwriting is their bread and butter. Every page is a canvas for their art, and they manage to integrate gorgeous, varied writing into multiple aspects of their lives.

Maybe your handwriting isn’t that great, but in honor of National Handwriting Day, take a look at these amazing handwriting artists. Maybe you’ll pick up the hobby in the new year. Check them out.

1. The Perfect Notes

We had ‘those people’ in our classrooms, but never quite to this level. Seriously?

2. The Goals List

Looks like good handwriting won’t be on this list, since they already have it.

3. The Calligraphy Spiral

We had to do a double take to make sure this was real writing, but sure enough, it’s handwritten.

4. The Second Language

If you’re going to learn to write in another language, you might as well have neat notes in the language you already speak.

5. The Adorable Pacman Reference

We’re kind of in love with the combination of the gorgeous pink handwriting and the Pacman character. Props to this handwriter.

6. The Second Language (Part Two)

We can’t read Korean, but we just had to show off the slanted typography here. Beautiful stuff.

7. The Perfect Science Notes

These are the science notes high school you wished you were able to create.

8. The Organizer

It would be hard to forget what you were doing with an organizer like this.

9. More Perfect Notes

Really, can we just hire these people to take notes for us?

10. The Normal Person

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have handwriting that amazing. So we definitely understand this sentiment.