2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks Based on Notable Alumni


Every year at this time Americans everywhere are faced with the dilemma of filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Tournament. And every year, individual Americans say this is their year and they are going to be the one in a billion bracket. Too many years fans have picked based on seeding, Las Vegas odds and/or uniform color combinations. This is the year to pick based on celebrity attendance– it’s the only way to truly pick a winning bracket.

2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks Based on Notable Alumni:

We’ve got some big names making waves as we head into the first round of March Madness. Everyone is loving Larry David (Maryland) as Bernie Sanders on “Saturday Night Live;” Sylvester Stallone (Miami) stole our hearts after losing the Oscar; Tina Fey (UVA) is always having a good year and Olivia Munn (Oklahoma) is always a solid sleeper pick.

How picks worked:

    • More points for being alive, active and notable.
    • Actual degrees don’t count more.
    • Athletes and politicians were only chosen if there were no other notable attendees or graduates.
Upset alerts:
    • South Dakota: Who would ever bet against Tom Brokaw?
    • Miami: Sylvester Stallone is staging a major comeback.
    • Notre Dame: Just when you think Regis Philbin is no longer relevant, bam! He’s hosting “Today.”
    • Pittsburgh: It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.
Don’t even think about it:
  • Utah: Ted Bundy is the most famous graduate.
  • Butler: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.
Elite Eight Guarantees:
  • Kansas: Everyone loves Paul Rudd.
  • Miami: Rocky!
  • Baylor: Willie Nelson is the GOAT.
  • Texas: JKL.
  • Kentucky: Ashley Judd can act and negotiate foreign policy.
  • Notre Dame: Regis is everywhere.
  • UVA: Tina Fey is actually America’s sweetheart.
  • Michigan State: Just when you forgot about James Caan, you watched “The Godfather.”
All in all, picking Willie Nelson, Paul Rudd or Tina Fey to flop is going to find you in the loser’s bracket.

NCAA Tournament Notable Alumni:

University of Kansas: Paul Rudd

Austin Peay: Bob Harper

Colorado: Jonah Hill

Maryland: Larry David

UCONN: Bobby Moynihan

South Dakota: Tom Brokaw

Cal (Berkley): Chris Pine

Hawaii: Beau Bridges

Arizona: Linda Ronstadt

Vanderbilt: Dierks Bentley

Wichita St.: Founders of Pizza Hut (Carney Brothers)

Miami: Sylvester Stallone

Buffalo: Terry Gross

Iowa: Ashton Kutcher

Temple: Bob Saget

Villanova: Jim Croce

UNC Asheville:

Oregon: Ty Burrell

Holy Cross: Chris Matthews

Saint Joseph’s:

Cincinnati: William Howard Taft

Baylor: Willie Nelson

Yale: Meryl Streep

Duke: Ken Jeong

UNC Wilmington: Skeet Ulrich

Texas: Matthew McConaughey

Northern Iowa: Kurt Warner

Texas A&M: Lyle Lovett

Green Bay: Tony Bennett (not that one)

Oregon St.: Meredith Phillips

VCU: Jay Pharoah

Oklahoma: Olivia Munn

CSU Bakersfield: Big Poppa E

North Carolina: Andy Griffith

FGCU: Courtney Jolly

USC: Will Ferrell

Providence: David Angell

Indiana: Laverne Cox

Chattanooga: Hugh Beaumont

Kentucky: Ashley Judd

Stony Brook: Joy Behar

Notre Dame: Regis Philbin

Michigan: Arthur Miller

West Virginia: Don Knotts

S.F. Austin: Don Henley

Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright

Pittsburgh: Mr. Rogers

Xavier: John Boehner

Weber St.: Lance Allred

Virginia: Tina Fey

Hampton: Wanda Sykes

Texas Tech: Pat Green

Butler: Jim Jones

Purdue: Jim Gaffigan

UALR: Derek Fisher

Iowa St.: George Washington Carver

Iona: Don McLean

Seton Hall: Dick Vitale

Gonzaga: Bing Crosby

Utah: Ted Bundy

Fresno St.: Dot Marie Jones

Dayton: Erma Bombeck

Syracuse: Aaron Sorkin

Michigan St.: James Caan

Middle Tennessee: Hillary Scott