Travel the World in Street View With the New Google Earth

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Google recently released a new version of their mapping app that is replete with new features sure to please any global traveler or bored desk worker. The previous versions gave everyone the chance to see satellite pictures of the globe. The new version takes you into 3D helicopter and street-level views of the grandest cities and most remote islands in the world. Google Maps helps you find your way, Google Earth is about getting lost.

The App has incredible applications for education, allowing teachers to transport their students across the globe in an instant to the Taj Mahal, Mt. Everest, The Forbidden City, or Rio. Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” If that’s true, Google has put the whole book in your child’s lap.

You can also get lost checking out your favorite places, bucket list destinations, or hit the “Feeling Lucky” to be taken to someplace you’ve never heard of. I’ve been on street level in the Maldives, taking a mid day vacation. It’s gorgeous.

The world is waiting.