NFL Record-Setter, Aaron Rodgers, Goes All-Denim

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Here’s how NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers ended up in head-to-toe denim in public:

In 2001, at the American Music Awards, the hottest couple around, Britney Jean Spears and Justin Timberlake, showed up in head-to-toe denim.

These days, we are all for denim-on-denim. Dierks Bentley even rocked on his album cover for Riser

And then, Katy Perry and rapper Riff Raff, showed up to Sunday Night’s MTV VMAs dressed just like 2001 Justin and Britney. Was this a shot at them? An ode? An honor? The best joke ever? She is on tour with Kacey Musgraves right now, so maybe she’s going to announce a country album?

We weren’t concerned that this trend was making a comeback until Green Bay Packers quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn, showed up to a team lunch like this:

If a Super Bowl MVP and his backup are walking around like this, it’s a trend, right? I guess it’s Peyton Manning‘s move now. 

Image Source: Twitter/@StyleList, @SportsNation, @ComplexMag, @Judson1360