Nine of Our Favorite Promposals

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Prom season is here and because it’s the most important night of a teen’s pre-adult life, they are determined to make it a night to remember. These kids are really stepping up their game with the latest prom trend: the “promposal”. For those who aren’t familiar with this teenaged term, it’s actually quite simple: prom + proposal = promposal. Genius!

As with any teen-trend, we turned to the internet to see what we could find. We were amazed. Whoever said this generation has lost it’s edge because of technology hasn’t spent much time on Instagram. Guys and girls alike are getting creative when asking for a date to prom. Gone are the days of simplicity, we can probably thank Pinterest for that!

Here are a few of favorites:

A true Southern guy! He went through the trouble of getting his truck all dirty and then wrote his proposal in the dusty film. Love it!

A quirky little poem with a cute little fish. This guy is a sweetie!

We can’t think of many girls who would turn this down! Hopefully the prom date includes sushi as well!

This guy is super creative and had his prospective date solve a riddle to get her proposal. He seems like a fun guy!

This romantic proposal would work on almost any girl. Rose petals, candles and photographs? He wins!

If a guy told us going to the prom would compare to winning a national title, we would say “yes” in a heartbeat!

Another poem, but this poem includes donuts! This is a no-brainer, of course she said “yes”.

Kudos to the girl who asked her guy! She’s creative and bold. A true winner in our eyes!

And how cute is this? This guy put forth a lot of effort in this promposal – we hope she said “yes’!

These are a few of favorites. Have you seen any creative promposals lately?