12 Oddly Named Fireworks That Could Also Be Country Albums or Reality TV Shows

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Fireworks are great and all, but have you ever paid attention to the names of those glorious nighttime flares? Pretty incredible and slightly odd.

12 Oddly Named Fireworks That Could Also Be Country Albums or Reality TV Shows:

Fireworks that could also be country music albums:

1. Call Me Wayne

A blockbuster debut from a former “X-Factor” contestant that really wants a one-name moniker like Beyonce.

2. Kash is the King

Can’t you see Eric Church releasing this under a fake name? It’s just an honest look at Music Row and the record industry.

3. Get On My Level

Taylor Swift’s country music comeback.

Fireworks that could be titles of “Dateline” episodes:

4. Car Carrier Chaos

The time a college co-ed was kidnapped and held captive in a Toyota Camry for a 3,000-mile trek across the country. Authorities finally caught up to the kidnapper along I-40 in Tennessee.

5. Jealous Neighbor

It was a small town. The kind where you know everybody and everybody knows you and your secrets. But, sometimes secrets need to be kept or else.

6. Total Diva

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. She had sass, brains and the looks to match. But, it was that deadly combination that lead to this total diva’s worst nightmare.

Fireworks that could be titles of new CBS dramas:

7. Enduring Freedom

Finally, a primetime TV show about the true cost of the war on terror.

8. Beyond Reason

She’s a big city girl with an Ivy League education, but when daddy ended up in a money laundering scam with blood on his hands in small-town Nebraska it was up to her to find him innocent– beyond reason.

Fireworks that could be really great reality TV shows:

9. Hit Parade

It’s been decades since any of these singer-songwriters had a hit on any chart, but now they’re all living together in a beach house in Malibu working together to write the next big tune.

10. American Dog Fight

Two former beauty queens and now empty-nesters set out to rid the country of dog fighting and they wind up in a dog fight of their own.

11. Spirit of Passion

Eleven ministers with decades of ministry work to their credit are facing off in a series of Olympic-type challenges to win $300,000 for their congregation to be debt-free. Dave Ramsey serves as host.

12. Toot-N-Twirl Premier

If you think beauty pageants are crazy, imagine a world where adult males gather in hotel ballrooms every weekend to show off their best bodily noises set to show tunes.