The Off-Road Commode Is The Most Hilariously Disturbing Accessory You Can Buy Right Now

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So, you’re in the woods and nature calls. Do you race out of the stand, abandon the hunt, or ask your butler to help you? If you answered “call your butler,” boy oh boy, do I have a product for you!

You’re the kind of feller who likes the finer things in life– store bought deer sausage, curated heirloom camouflage, and artisan duck blinds. Heaven knows you can’t be dropping timber without a seat! It’s time that you let the world know your priorities by bolting a toilet seat to your trailer and heading to the woods.

The Off-Road Commode is a toilet seat built for the road, simpler than Uncle Boogers Bumper Dumper (real product) and sure to bring the comforts of home to the deer camp. Splash guard and nose plugs not included.

“You know what every hunter wants?”

“A trophy buck?”

“No, you dummy! A personal hunting butler! Number two is a tailgate toilet.”