Oreo is Releasing 4 Brand New Flavors This Summer and We Want Them All


Milk’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, has scheduled 4 new flavors to be released this summer and a taste test is certainly in order. 

While Oreo has a few pretty outlandish flavors like Swedish Fish Oreos, they are releasing some pretty unique and fresh flavors that are a little more toned down. 

The first new flavor will be perfect for dunking in your coffee! The cookie company all-stars are adding Latte Thins permanently to their collection. These slender Oreos will be filled with a java-flavored cream, which is perfect for you coffee junkies.

Which cookie will be coming next? In mid-June, Oreo will release Marshmallow Moon in honor of the 50th anniversary of Apollo II’s historic landing on the moon. This limited-edition cookie will have pale purple frosting that tastes like marshmallow. And, the packaging designs will even have some glow in the dark features. Sign us up! 

My personal favorite will come in July; Oreo is teaming up with Baskin Robbins to unveil a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream Oreo cookie. It’s everything we never knew we needed, but now can’t wait another second for!

Last but certainly not least, the perfect fall cookie will come out in August— the Maple Creme Oreo cookie. It’s a syrup-flavored creme center paired with golden Oreo cookies. It’ll be the perfect compliment to the colder weather.