Shirtless Oklahoma Student Sent Crowd and Internet Into a Real Frenzy Over His Bod


We have all seen the half-court shooter at a college basketball game, the guy trying to win a truck or sofa if only he can sink a half-court shot. An Oklahoma student had the chance to win money for books or tuition (I don’t really know) on a shot and missed badly. Like, the ball didn’t even make it to the low post. But then he took it to the next level, refusing to go quietly into the night, tore off his shirt and tried again.

He missed the second time, too. Wildly. Like, laughably.

In a way, that makes it even better. 2017 was a year of misses, but we, the American people who have never backed down, won’t go quietly. We will come back more fearsome take 2018 for our own. Even if we completely miss this year, we will be escorted off the court knowing that we gave it all we had.

This analogy is getting away from me but you get the idea.