Parting a Chicken: Getting The Most Out Of A Whole Bird


Chicken is the most common food bird in the world because It is tasty, healthy, and inexpensive. However, it is very easy to overpay for meat and even more common to waste the meat you buy. The most economical and responsible way to cook with chicken is to buy whole chickens from your grocer and part them at home. What would have been one meal with some leftovers can easily turn into multiple fresh-cooked meals.

With one bird, you get:

2 wings

2 breasts

2 thighs

2 wings

1 Carcass for chicken stock

0 waste

There are two ways to go about parting a chicken, each with it’s own slight variations. The first comes from Gordon Ramsay. It is easy to follow.

The second comes from Bon Appetit, and uses a boning knife instead of a chef’s to part the cuts.

The choice of how to butcher the chicken is yours. But whatever you choose, use a sharp knife and work safely. The last thing anyone needs is to butcher their finger instead of the chicken.