Joanna Gaines Shares What’s Next For Her and Chip Now That “Fixer Upper” is Over

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The final episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” airs on Tuesday, April 3 and though fans are mourning the loss of their weekly time with Chip and Joanna Gaines, there are so many exciting things ahead for the Gaines duo.

In a blog titled “An update from Jo and the Final Episode,” Joanna shared her feelings about the end of “Fixer Upper,” along with some details about what’s to come for her and Chip– and here’s what we know.

1. Their new restaurant, Magnolia Table, is up and running. 

She first shared that their restaurant, Magnolia Table, is running full-steam. “We are so thrilled that our restaurant, Magnolia Table is finally up and running. The whole project was a huge undertaking, and we are so happy that it is officially open!”

2. Joanna’s cookbook is coming April 24.

She then confirmed that her cookbook, also titled Magnolia Table, is slated to launch on April 24. “It’s a collection of recipes from my kitchen, our restaurant, and some of my favorites from family and friends,” she said. “Cooking is so special to me because time spent around the table with family and friends is such a gift. My hope is that this book inspires you in the kitchen and that you’ll find recipes that become tried and true favorites for your own family!”

3. Joanna also has a design book coming soon. 

She shared that she’s also working on a design book where she’ll share her tips and tricks for making your home a comfortable space. “I can’t wait to share this project with you, and I will keep you posted on when it will be available,” she said.

4. Their Magnolia store is launching a kids line, Magnolia Kids. 

She also shared that their Magnolia store will be launching a kids line, called Magnolia Kids that will “have everything from children’s furniture to accessories. There may be some baby stuff, too, because of course, that’s all I can think about,” Joanna shared.

5. They still have their home goods line at Target, Hearth and Hand. 

They also have their ongoing line with Target, called Hearth and Hand, that they’re consistently adding items to– and their new Spring line might be their best yet. To sum it up: Chip and Joanna might be leaving HGTV, but they are far from done being out of the spotlight (and in our hearts)!

6. Their new baby boy will be here before we know it. 

Joanna shared a new baby bump pic, along with some sweet words about baby no. 5. “I truly believe this baby is a gift from God for our family in this season,” she said.

7. They are expanding their pet family, too. 

Chip is always bringing home new pets– and their latest addition is incredibly cute!