Joanna Gaines Tried to Give Chip Avocado Toast and His Reaction Was Hilarious

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If there’s anything we’ve learned about Chip Gaines from watching him on “Fixer Upper” over the years, it’s that he’s basically a goofball, and we love him for it. Now that the show is coming to an end, we’re soaking up every last hilarious moment between Chip and Joanna, and they, of course, have not disappointed us.

On the second-to-last episode (EVER) of “Fixer Upper,” we see Chip and Jo at their house eating some breakfast when Joanna comes to the table with a plate of avocado toast.

“What is that??,” Chip asks her. “It’s toast with avocado spread on it with like greens and it’s good with eggs– you will love it,” she replies as Chip shakes his head in disapproval.

He quickly chimed back with, “That’s disgusting, babe. Nobody wants avocado on their toast.”

Oh, Chip.

Though “Fixer Upper” is ending, a spinoff called “Behind the Design” is airing on April 10. The 15-episode series will go behind-the-scenes on some of your favorite “Fixer Upper” houses and will give an in-depth look on how Joanna decides what designs to choose for each home.