Here’s the Meaning Behind Chip and Joanna’s New Son’s Name

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Joanna Gaines Instagram / @joannagaines

Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they were expecting baby no. 5, I have personally been on pins and needles waiting to hear what name they’d pick for their sweet bundle of joy.

When they announced they were having a boy, many fans assumed Chip and Joanna would pick a “D” name for him, seeing as their other two boys are named Duke and Drake. However, upon announcing their son’s arrival, Joanna shared the name they picked— Crew Gaines— and while we weren’t expecting it, we absolutely love it. 


According to Merriam-Webster, the word Crew derives from the Latin word croistremeaning to grow. Just as we know and use the term “crew” in daily language, it also describes a group of people working together on a task, project or job.

Both of these meanings bare significance for Chip and Joanna— they’re literally growing their family with the addition of baby Crew, and the phrase “crew” obviously gets thrown around a lot considering Chip and Joanna’s careers. Truly, they couldn’t have picked a more perfect name.