This Mom Made a Super Detailed “Fixer Upper” Dollhouse and Even Joanna Gaines is Obsessed

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While I’m a huge fan of “Fixer Upper” (and pretty much anything Chip and Joanna Gaines do or say or think), this woman just raised the bar.


Dr. Kwandaa Roberts, a mom from Philidelphia, bought Chip and Joanna’s Hearth and Hand dollhouse from Target for her 3-year-old daughter but wanted to make it extra special. So, inspired by Chip and Jo’s handy work on “Fixer Upper,” Roberts gave the dollhouse a makeover complete with subway tile, marble countertops and, yes, shiplap.

For reference, here’s what the dollhouse looked like on the inside before:

Now, it’s pretty much an exact replica of a house Joanna Gaines designed on “Fixer Upper.”

Even Joanna Gaines is obsessed with it– she shared a series of photos on Instagram from Roberts’ Instagram account (@tinyhousecalls) with some adorable commentary.

“Smallest shiplap I’ve ever seen but I love it,” Joanna said. LOL.

That copper tub!!

There’s even a tiny copy of Chip Gaines’ book, “Capitol Gaines!”

I mean, it’s perfect.

Teeny, tiny versions of the Magnolia Journal! Swoon!

I mean, seriously. The backsplash, the stainless steel refrigerator. I can’t.

“Luckiest dolls ever,” Joanna said. Couldn’t agree more!