Joanna Gaines Opens Up About the Pressures of Social Media


Chances are that there have many nights in your life when you went to bed feeling like you weren’t good enough. Your house will never be as pretty, your skin will never be as clear and your job will never be as exciting as the ones you see on Instagram.

Come to find out that Joanna Gaines herself has dealt with her share of social media insecurity.

“I could feel insecurity start to creep in, and posting a photo was no longer an act of enjoying the in-the-moments of life but rather a more calculated decision,” she explained in a new column found within her magazine The Magnolia Journal.

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“With every picture I found myself critiquing if there were messy backgrounds or blurry smiles. I think this is how we can end up losing sight of what it worthy of sharing and what is even more worthy than that — moments worth simply experiencing.”

Instead, Gaines says she is focusing on authenticity going forward, and making sure that she never goes back to that time when she felt somewhat lost in the social media landscape.

“It is so easy to let social media rob us of authentic moments,” she writes. “There is a certain, creepy allure to a place where we can present ourselves any way we choose with very little accountability. What happens when we don’t think out ‘real life’ looks as good as someone else’s? We make adjustments — find better lighting, dress our kids in something nicer, place a vase of fresh flowers in the background, or add the perfect filter.”

Sound familiar? Make a change today.