Chip and Joanna Revealed the Magnolia Table Restaurant to Their Kids on “Fixer Upper” and It Was Adorable

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Well y’all– the time has come. There’s officially just one episode left of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” and we can hardly believe how fast this final season has gone by.

In the second to last episode, Chip and Joanna gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their now-open breakfast restaurant, Magnolia Table. The building they purchased was a beloved Waco restaurant called the Elite Cafe.

“After it closed its doors in 2016, we purchased the old Elite Cafe,” Joanna shared in her blog post  about the restaurant. “It had been a Waco icon for nearly 100 years, and we couldn’t let a place with such a rich history be forgotten. Our family has so many great memories from Sunday brunches at the Elite, and judging by the walls on the inside of the building (which were lined with framed photos representing the restaurant’s past) I’m convinced that this place holds at least one memory for nearly everyone in Waco, Texas.”

Every single detail of the restaurant is beautiful from the flatware to the tile floor. In true “Fixer Upper” fashion, Chip and Joanna had to reveal the restaurant to someone– and who better than their sweet kids? Emmie, Ella, Drake, and Duke lined up and watched as their mom and dad pulled back the giant canvases to reveal Magnolia Table.

It was pretty much the sweetest. As for the final episode? Even Joanna Gaines is feeling sentimental.

Check out photos of the renovation below, and be sure to watch the final “Fixer Upper” next Tuesday on HGTV!