4 Ways to Pick the Perfect GIF Every Time


Allow me to be absurd for just a moment. There is an art to texting. Distilling all of your emotion and expectations abbreviated versions of well known words requires a deft hand and sharp mind. Some cannot handle the pressure and turn to emoji’s to give generic feeling to their words. Others stumble through simple sentences like a drunk kindergartner, randomly capitalizing and misspelling words at random in a vain effort to be “cute.” Cuteness takes work! Feeling requires thought! My friends, we all deserve a higher class of text message. One with emotion, candor, humor, grace, and blunt honesty. We deserve, nay, need GIFs.

GIF, meaning “Graphics Interchange Format”,is an animated image worth a thousand words. Over 75% of our communication is non-verbal, so why would you ever rely on words alone to tell someone, “I’m tired.” Don’t be foolish.

Send this:

Or this:

Or when a friend begs you to not be crazy at a party, instead of “k” or “whatever” you could send:

You see, with a GIF, you can do more than answer a question. You can convey your state of mind and intentions.

Ah, but how do you choose the perfect GIF? It’s a piece of cake, easy as pie, a scoop of ice cream, I’m hungry.

1. Use GIPHY, end of sentence. Period.

That’s where all the cool kids get their GIFs. That and the Apple GIF keyboard has a terrible search function. It can work, but do you really want to add stress to your life?

2. Find the easiest way to say what you you are trying to communicate.

No GIF will be tagged with “I am stuck in traffic and think I will be late.” But many are tagged with “traffic.” Distill everything into 2-3 words to yield more search results. Even a long text can be reduced to a simple message like, “Not that”, “why”, “excuse me”, or “can’t wait.”

3. Figure out what you feeling.

That feeling that you are feeling is what psychologists call a feeling. Your bland text “K” can be taken a million ways. Are you fed up, happy, angry, sad? TELL ME! Sorry, I get emotional sometimes. Searching by your emotion will always give you more options.

4. Pick yer poison.

Now that you have searched by your message and emotion, pick the GIF that is right for you. It may take some looking , but the perfect GIF is out there. Find the one that feels right and communicates more than you can say.

Now you can communicate perfectly via text. Yes, reading this article changed your world forever. You don’t even have to try to implement the tips. You are already changed! I was happy to help.