Ree Drummond Announced Her Free Lodge Tour Dates for 2018, and We’re Packing Our Bags For Pawhuksa


Exciting news for fans of The Pioneer Woman! As you probably know, Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd, have a ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and it’s gorgeous. In fact, The Lodge on Drummond Ranch is where Ree films all of her episodes for her Food Network show– and now you can tour it for free.

All you have to do is visit The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile (AKA, The Merc) in Pawhuksa on the day of your desired Lodge tour and get your ticket and directions. Tickets are completely free and are only good for that day’s date, and you can’t buy them in advance– but between spending time at the Merc and getting a peek (or even a stay) at Ree Drummond’s soon-to-open hotel, the trip is 100% worth it.

The Lodge is open from 9 to 4 on the dates listed below:

2018 Lodge Tour Dates: 


February 23 & 24


March 1 – 3
March 5 – 10
March 12 – 17
March 19 – 24
March 26 – 31


April 27 – 28
April 30


May 1 – May 5
May 7 – May 12
May 14 – 16


June 6 – 9
June 11 – 16
June 18 – 23
June 25 – 30


July 2 – 3
July 26 – 28
July 30 – 31


August 1 – 4
August 6 – 11
August 13 – 18

While at The Merc, you can shop some of the latest goodies from The Pioneer Woman line, enjoy some lunch at her restaurant, and pick up some sweets to take home at the bakery. You also have a good chance of running into Ree, Ladd or some of their kids (and pets) while you’re there, which is a fun bonus.

Ree and Ladd are finishing up construction on their hotel (or what Ree calls “The Boarding House”), and we can’t wait for it to open. Ree also recently released her new cookbook, “Come and Get It,” which is now available on Amazon.

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I love having a store. It's never the same place day in and day out. Same goes for the restaurant. It's a living, breathing thing! Always a new little hill to climb, never a dull moment, but oh so rewarding when you get to figure things out along the way. I love our awesome staff and so appreciate the hard work they do to make it a special place! I'm also excited to head into spring and summer at The Merc; We just announced a whole bunch of new dates for Drummond Lodge tours! It's a fun little (free) side trip to go along with one's visit to The Merc, and visitors have a fun time walking through, patting Walter's ears, and breathing in Osage County. (Some of 'em even take picnic lunches!) Link to the dates is in my profile. Would love to see you in Pawhuska!❤️🤠

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