Watching People Try To Figure Out A Pomegranate Is The Most Relatable Thing We’ve Seen In 2018

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Part of deciding to be healthier in the new year includes that one trip to the grocery store where you buy more fruit and vegetables than you ever had before in your life. You go out and get all those standard health foods – kale, bananas, avocado, etc.– but some of you, ventured out and grabbed a pomegranate. It’s a “superfood.” The juice is “good for you.” Why not?

But if that was you, may the Lord bless you, because nothing can prepare you for the shock of trying to actually open and deseed a pomegranate.

What is this thing? How do you eat it? Do I bite it?

There are just way too many questions with pomegranates. Bon Apetit asked fifty people who had never seen a pomegranate and the responses were too real.

“God is playing a joke on us.”

“Do I just do this?”

“Do I cut it?” *cuts* “Oh…noooope.”

“That looks like teeth! That is terrifying!”

“Get that bowl out of here.”

*Commences thwacking*

If you want to know the real way, the easy way, check out the video. There is a good way to do this but it IS NOT OBVIOUS OR NORMAL AT ALL.

Moral: Pomegranates aren’t worth it.