This Potato Peeling Hack is Actually Brilliant and Doesn’t Require a Peeler

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I love mashed potatoes as much (if not more than) the next gal, but the physical act of peeling potatoes is kind of the worst. Not to mention, I’m a pretty clumsy person, so I inevitably end up slicing my finger at least once every time I try to peel potatoes.

Enter: The most brilliant kitchen hack ever. I literally said, “WHAT” when I watched this, partly because I’m ticked off that I didn’t know this hack sooner, and partly because my mind was actually blown.

First, take a sharp knife and make an incision around the potato. Boil the potatoes like you normally would, then take them out of the pot. When they’re cool enough to handle, simply pinch the top of the potato and peel the skin right off. VOILA!