The Most Dangerous Burger: The Power Tool Burger


Cooking can be too refined. It can be stuffy and boring. But it does not have to be. You can make food that is rough, tough and relieves stress after a hard week of work. You can fire up your power tools for your mis en place. Work smarter, friends, and use the tools you already have! (But seriously, don’t try to do what is in this video because it’s super dangerous.)

The real question now is, “What food deserves the fully-loaded, testosterone plus, carb heavy, extra gluten treatment?” Dumb question. It’s the burger. Obviously. If you didn’t know that, please enroll in kindergarten. A couple of dudes over at “This is Mythical” warmed up their mitre saw, heat gun, blow torches, and wood chipper to make a basic burger that was “surprisingly easy.”

The huge problem with this method is cleaning out the wood chipper. A chuck-filled wood chipper is slightly less than sanitary and I can only guess how long it will take for the meat to rot. Clean up would be pretty rough.

As great as this is, I think I’ll just stick to my normal burger process. Somehow, I don’t think a wood chipper would add to the flavor and I wouldn’t risk a limb for some lettuce. A charcoal grill and some nice beef patties from the butcher is manly enough for me.