Forget Drinking Games, This is the Most Positive Way to Watch (and Enjoy) the Presidential Debate

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As the country gears up to hire a new President, we’re also gearing up to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tear each other apart on national television during the presidential debates. The candidates will take part in three scheduled debates and as every other website in the world tells you to play a drinking game while watching, we want this to be a more positive experience. After all, this is one of the greatest things about the United States of America– voting. Let’s make it positive.

This is the Most Positive Way to Watch (and Enjoy) the Presidential Debate:

Every time Donald Trump mentions “the wall,” take a fresh plate of cookies to your neighbors.

Every time one of the candidates says, “I didn’t get to answer that,” listen to one of the many, many voicemails you have on your phone.

Every time Hillary Clinton mentions “Trump University,” send a note or email to an old teacher and thank them for the impact they had on your life.

Anytime Clinton’s “e-mails” are brought up, text your parents and tell them that you love them. Individually.

Anytime China is brought up unprompted, learn to say “I love you” in a different language.

Anytime Vladimir Putin is brought up, by either candidate, watch a YouTube video of a puppy.

Anytime a candidate denies something empathically, make a small donation to the charity of your choice.

Anytime a candidate goes over their time limit, sign-up to volunteer at a local charity.

Anytime one candidate accuses another of not caring about American soldiers/lives, actually find a way to personally thank a soldier yourself.

Anytime refugees are mentioned by either candidate, consider donating to Compassion International.

Anytime the phrase “Crooked Hillary” or Trump’s temperament is mentioned, donate a canned good to a local organization .