Pumpkin Houses Are Popping Up Everywhere And They’re The Coolest Use Of Pumpkins We’ve Seen Yet

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I love fall and everything the season brings– primarily all the limited edition fall candles I can get my hands on, and of course, all things PUMPKIN.

Of course, we’ve all seen the basic pumpkin items, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin beer and pumpkin bread. But this year, a new pumpkin trend is popping up and it is about 300 times better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte: Pumpkin Houses. They’re unique, impressive, and yes, just as cute as they sound!

It’s basically a pumpkin patch, but in the shape of a house. Color me impressed!

And of course they make for a perfect Instagram backdrop! (This one is complete with white pumpkins outlining the door frame. Fancy!)

Maybe it’s just the little girl in the princess dress, but this one actually looks like it’s straight from a fairytale book.

Gone are the days of us doing mediocre fall activities like pumpkin carving. Seriously, WHO THOUGHT OF THIS?!

Honestly, I could probably live in one of these and be happy forever (until the pumpkins started to rot, of course).

No word on how they build these or how they get the pumpkins to stay put, but I’m intrigued.

Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a pumpkin house this fall!