5 Adorable Bunnies Eating More Vegetables Than You


Okay, so eating handfuls of kale isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. Not a human’s anyway. You know how it is. We wheedle, we cajole, we shove vegetables into smoothies and sneak them into pasta and macaroni to give our poor bodies some form of solace. If only we could just eat the things instead of dressing them up in notably tastier food. These rabbits are masters of that. Check them out and be inspired in your quest for healthy eating.

1. The Dual Bunnies

What’s better than one bunny eating vegetables? Two bunnies eating vegetables of course. We can bet that these little guys don’t have any vitamin deficiencies.

2. The Vertical Garden Bunny

This is our favorite by far. Vertical gardens are a hot trend right now, with limited space available in the city for a proper garden. This bunny nibbling at some greens makes it even better.

3. Frozen Strawberry Love

Even bunnies need a treat once in awhile. On hot days, this bunny enjoys delectable frozen strawberries.

4. The Dandelion Cruncher

This champion is enjoying a crisp dandelion leaf for breakfast. Hint hint?

5. Group Bunnies

Even bunnies need to have a lunch out with the buddies once in awhile. There’s almost too much cute in this video to stand, so we’ll just leave you to it.