Real Country Wedding: Courtny Cardosa

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We take great joy in sharing these real weddings with you as they are filled with rustic wedding style, creativity, and even a few DIY country wedding ideas along the way. Our hope is that these Real Country Weddings will inspire and guide you as you plan your own country wedding.

The Real Country Wedding we are featuring this week is the wedding of Courtny & Michael Cardosa. They were married on a llama and alpaca farm in Northern Michigan and used denim, burlap and lace as their decorative theme. Doesn’t get any more country rustic than that!

We asked Courtny a few questions about her special day:

Why did you choose a rustic wedding venue?

We are very casual, laid back people and wanted to reflect that in our wedding. Plus, we live in a rural area and really love all things country so it seemed like a natural fit.

What was the favorite part of your wedding day?

There was a time during the reception where I just stopped dancing, looked around and really took in the moment. The day was escaping me and I really wanted to just soak up all the joy, laughter and positive energy floating around me. It felt so good to see all our loved ones surrounding us and having a blast together!

Did you guys do anything special such as carry on a tradition, honor someone who couldn’t be there?

We had some special ways of incorporating loved ones who couldn’t be with us. For example, we had lost four important people in our lives and wanted a way to honor them. We had floral arrangements at the aisle entrance that contained their birth month flowers. Guests wouldn’t necessarily know the meaning of the choice in flowers, but we knew what they signified. Also, my mom passed away in 2011 and her absence was weighing on me throughout the wedding planning. I have a pendant with her ashes in it, and had it sewn into the lining of my gown, near my heart, so she was with me all day.

What songs were a part of your day?

We were so excited to have a live band for our reception, and the lead singer was an amazing vocalist so we had her play acoustic guitar and sing Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” as I walked down the aisle. We entered the reception to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, and our first dance was Thompson Square’s “This Life Would Kill Me”. We combined the parent dances into one, and it was actually pretty cool to share the dance floor with each other. We danced to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts for that song.

What was your something blue?

I wore a lindy star ring that my mom had given me as a teenager, that she had since she was a teen.

We see the cowboy boots. What prompted the decision to wear boots?

I have a slight obsession with cowboy boots and wear them all the time. (see why we love this girl!) They seemed like the obvious choice since they are so comfortable and fit with the rustic theme. One of my favorite pictures is of my boots and gown together.

Please share anything that was extra special about your day!

Something pretty neat happened at the end of the ceremony, as the skies were overcast and there was a light rain falling upon us. The judge reminded us that when challenges come, to focus on what is right between us to ride out the storms. He went on to say that when clouds hide the sun in our lives to remember that even if we lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is always there. This could not have been a more perfect reminder at a more perfect time—our ceremony was being threatened by showers, the previous day of set up was completely chaotic and we ran into a ton of roadblocks during wedding planning. But the most important thing to remember was the significance of the day and of our love and commitment to each other!

Now for the photos from the day taken by the talented Shannon Scott of Shannon Scott Photography.

The wedding invitation:

The bride and groom in front of the rustic barn. Love this shot!

A bride and her boots.

Is this setting gorgeous or what?

Adorable flower girls.

Seating sign for the ceremony.

Denim and floral lace details on the seats.

Gift table.

Creative idea for sit-down reception seating.

The yummy and stunning dessert bar!

Bridal party. Boots and dresses, y’all!

Wedding party.

Creative table at the reception.

Awe. So sweet!

The best part of the day!

The perfect ending to the perfect day!

Photo Credit: Shannon Scott Photography