Ree Drummond Hilariously Responds After Fans Say She Should Join “Dancing With The Stars”

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The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is always keeping this real with her fans and followers on social media. From the latest on her family to embarrassing things that happen to her, she’s always sharing funny tidbits about her life that make her one of the most relatable celebrity chefs out there.

Recently, Ree Drummond shared a dream she had in which she was a member of “Dancing With The Stars,” only she wanted to make a few alterations. 

“I dreamed I was on Dancing With the Stars and I kept wanting to sew sleeves on the sleeveless dresses they wanted me to wear, only I didn’t know how to use a sewing machine,” she posted on her Twitter account.

Of course, her loyal fans began to respond saying she should, in fact, go on “Dancing With The Stars,” or that ABC should host a Food Network edition.

Ree quickly responded to the outpouring of love from her fans with a hilarious and relatable note.

“Oh man, I love you guys but Dancing With the stars is not in the cards for me, as I’m afraid there is no such thing as a multicolored floral ballroom gown with relaxed 3/4 sleeves and a non-fitted waist,” she quipped. “Also pretty sure jeans aren’t allowed.”

Even if we were to see Ree on “Dancing With The Stars,” it would have to wait a while as ABC recently announced that the show won’t be returning in Spring of 2019 as it usually would.