Ree Drummond Shared Photos and an Update On Her New Hotel and We Cannot Wait For It To Open


The Pioneer Woman is kind of unstoppable these days with everything she has going on– and her soon-to-open hotel might be the most exciting event of all!

Ree Drummond shared a blog post with an update on what she calls “the boarding house,” along with some pictures of the progress, and titled it, “It’s All Gonna Be Just Fine.”

“Here’s Marlboro Man admiring the newly stained paneling (and coffered ceilings) in The Tack Room. I like catching him when he doesn’t know I’m taking his photo…” she said alongside this picture of her husband, Ladd.

She said the paneling in the “Tack Room” is one of her favorite parts. “I think it’s really pretty,” she said. We agree!

Plus the matching paneling on the ceiling. In Ree Drummond’s words: “Swoon!”

“And speaking of swoon…this is the bathroom in The Butterfly Room, and I am dying over the tile,” she shared. Us, too.

She said she’ll give an update on the layout of the bathroom sometime soon, but offered some detail on the set-up: “There’s a vanity when you first walk in, a shower behind it, and a sink on either side of the shower. You can access the shower from either side, and it’s a nice, balanced layout! Marlboro Man and I saw a bathroom like that in Las Vegas (of all places!) and we both thought it was so clever,” she said.

She said she wasn’t sold on the tile in the “Tack Room” bathroom at first, but learned to love it.

“Before you scream, I have to tell you that I thought I was going to strongly dislike (my mom told me not to use the word hate, but I do with bananas so I probably could here but I won’t) these slate tiles. But once they were up, I really found them striking. They look a little harsh in the photo, but in person they’re dramatic and wonderful!”

She also shared that she originally wanted to reuse old ceiling tiles they found in the building somehow, but wasn’t sold because they were really worn out. “I assumed, however, that the tiles would somewhat be in a pattern that makes sense. But after playing around with patterns, the guys (Marlboro Man, Kurtess (our general manager), and the contractors all thought it would be cool just to have random pieces of tile in no particular pattern at all,” she said.

“I will tell you that I am not sold on this. It disrupts my need for order and logic…but at the same time, it’s a little exciting. And up on the ceiling, it will have thicker pieces of wood around each one so will look a little different than this. But still…who knows?”

“I don’t know whether it’s my age or just the perspective I’ve gained through the years (or maybe I’m just tired), but I have gotten pretty adept at saying “You know what? It’s all gonna be just fine”– Because if a ceiling tile pattern is going to be the key to my daily contentment, I’ve got a screw loose!” she closed.

Wise words, Ree.