11 Times Ree Drummond Was The Most Relatable Person on Instagram

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In case you haven’t heard, I kind of love Ree Drummond— not only as The Pioneer Woman, but as a fellow southern lady. She’s classy, hilarious and really down to earth. In fact, her Instagram feed is one of my favorites to follow because she posts really pretty pictures of her food, and shares snippets from her real life that are not only hilarious, but 100% relatable.

Thank you, Ree Drummond, for being you.

9 Times Ree Drummond Was The Most Relatable Person on Instagram:

1. When she shared the real reason she smiles.

Why does Ree Drummond smile? “Because I’m contented. And because it hides my jowls.” LOL

2. When she regrets a life choice.

We’ve all been there!!

3. When she talks about her fashion choices.

“The shirt looked very weird and questionable on the hanger. It looked like a tablecloth that no one wanted at their holiday party.”

4. When her family pranks her on the reg.

Ree and her husband and kids are in a constant prank war that she documents on her Instagram, and it is GOOD.

5. When she questions her past fashion choices.

“I think this was the last time I painted my toenails.” HA!

6. When she just wants to be weird for a minute.

I mean, we all have our days.

7. When she embarrasses her teenage daughter.

“Snapchat gets me.”

8. When she questions her own age.

Best throwback picture ever.

9. When she gets real about her fashion journey.

Oh, Ree. You truly are my spirit animal.

10. When she has heart eyes for her husband.

They are seriously #couplegoals.

11. When she’s an obsessed dog mom.

Look at that sweet face!