Ree Drummond Shares Beautiful Tribute to Late Mother-in-Law: “Life is Beautiful”


Ree Drummond is always open and honest with her followers— including when times get tough. Ree recently shared that her mother-in-law had passed away and now, she’s sharing a beautiful tribute to her. 

“Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook/Instagram, but I wanted to post here as well that my beautiful mother-in-law Nan died last week,” Ree shared in a blog post. “It’s a difficult loss for our family, as she was such a rock for all of us.” 

She said that while her family had time to prepare for her passing, it didn’t make it any easier.

“We all had some time to prepare for this, though I’ve found over the course of the past few days that nothing really prepares you for losing someone who is so much a part of the fabric of your family’s daily life.” 

Ree says her family is relying on their happy memories with her to get them through. 

“Fortunately, we have a deep well of memories on which to draw. Nan was always there, ever-present, over the course of my life with Ladd—and my kids hardly saw any dividing line between our house and hers, they were in and out so much,” she said. “She was a quiet, steady force and lived a faith-filled life. She loved her family.” 

She went on to thank her fans and followers for their prayers. 

“Thank you for your kindness and prayers, especially for Ladd, Tim, and their dad,” Ree said. “They will feel the loss most of all and my heart aches for them.”

Photo Courtesy of Ree Drummond /


Photo Courtesy of Ree Drummond /

“Life is beautiful, and today I’m giving thanks for beautiful Nan—my mother-in-law, my husband’s mom, my children’s grandmother, my friend,” she closed. “She truly was magnificent!”