Ree Drummond Says She’ll Never Ski With Her Husband Because She ‘Wants To Stay Married,’ and We Get It

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The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is always keeping things real about her life and marriage, sharing the good, the bad, the silly and everything in between. Ree and her family just took a trip together to Colorado, and Ree shared some details and pictures from the experience on her blog.

“Ladd and I were able to go to Colorado with the kids last week, and it was such a wonderful time. Ladd doesn’t get to go every time since ranch work takes precedence, so when we’re there together, I savor it,” she shared in a blog post. “We don’t ski together because I want to stay married, but we do walk around Vail Village, look at houses we will never buy, and go to the candy store and pick up a piece of chocolate here and there. And here. And there.”

I mean, I get it. There are some things my husband and I simply avoid doing together because it brings out the worst in us…or just me. Anyway.

“We also go out to dinner, just the two of us, at least once or twice when we’re there. We never used to be able to do that when the kids were little, but since we can now turn them loose (and they often like to go out to dinner by themselves, I just hope they don’t order rum and cokes), that means we sneak in a couple of date nights,” she said.

Ree also shared that their hotel, AKA “The Boarding House,” in Pawhuska, Oklahoma is coming along nicely. “Ladd and I got to take a look the night we got back from Colorado,” she shared with an updated picture of one of the rooms. “We still need throw pillows, rugs, wall decor, sheets, and things, but it feels so good to see the rooms with furniture and have a vision for what they will look like when I go live in them!”

No word yet on the opening date for the Boarding House, but we can’t wait to hear more! In the meantime, we’ll be stocking up on the lastest Pioneer Woman items at Walmart, because they are GOOD, y’all.