Ree Drummond Shared a Throwback Picture of Herself as a Teenager and It’s Actually Perfect

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I think I love the Pioneer Woman more and more with each passing day– she’s one of the most genuine and honest celebrities out there, IMHO.

In September, Ree shared a picture on her Instagram of herself as a teenager, and I don’t know what’s funnier: her caption, or the picture itself.

“My mom had some awesome copper jello molds on her kitchen wall, didn’t she? (I’m trying to distract you from the Levi 501 button-fly jeans, red polo shirt with flipped up collar, sleeveless “Teen Angel” shirt over the polo, and knotted pink bandana around my neck. This was not a costume. I REPEAT: THIS WAS NOT A COSTUME. I was on my way to the bus. First day of school. Bye.)” she said in the post.

It’s…it’s just SO good. Thank you, Ree, for keeping it real.