10 Old School Toys Your Kids Will Probably Have on Their Christmas List This Year


Children of the ’80s and ’90s can take a trip down
memory lane simply by walking down the toy aisle and checking out several of their favorite retro toys making a comeback this Christmas. Some of these toys have been upgraded in the past 20 years with a new and improved look, while others are marketed to stir up nostalgia with their original logo and retro design. You’re going to want them all – for your kids, of course.

10 Old School Toys Your Kids Will Probably Have on Their Christmas List This Year:

1. Teddy Ruxpin

Nooooo! Say it ain’t so.
Creepy Teddy Ruxpin is back! Notice he comes wearing his original outfit, which clearly hasn’t gone out of style. Will you be his friend?

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Teddy Ruxpin is at Target looking somewhat different.

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2. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Robot vs robot boxing – does it get any better than this? Only when you successfully “knock his block off!”

3. Skip-it

The Twister Rave Skip-It is an upgrade from the original Skip-It. This one lights up and changes colors the longer you skip, but you can’t beat the original Skip-It commercial and its song. “The very best thing of all! There’s a counter on this ball!”

4. Tamagotchis

Now your children can own a virtual pet just like you did! It eats, poops, and gets sick. Somehow that sounded a lot more fun and exciting in fifth grade…

5. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Strawberry Shortcake just celebrated her 37th birthday, but she’s still looking good (and smelling like strawberries).

6. Stretch Armstrong

With a new Netflix original show coming out this month, Stretch Armstrong toys may just stretch their way back into your life.

7. Retro Board Games

These classic games have always been around, but there’s something about that retro look that makes you want to relive your childhood family game nights.

8. Lite Brite

The original Lite-Brite is back just the way you remember it!

9. My Little Pony Toys

Did you know there are twelve different My Little Pony shows and movies on Netflix? No wonder My Little Pony is just as big as ever!

10. Trolls

Thanks to the Dreamworks movie, “Trolls,” troll dolls have made a big comeback. Plus, the new ones are cuter!