9 Hilarious Reasons #MyKidCantEatThis

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Toddlers are in a league all their own. And all parents know that getting one to eat can be a tough job, especially when dealing with “toddler logic.” But when the reasons behind refusing to eat something become ridiculous, they also become hilarious enough for their own Instagram hashtag.


1. No way this kid is eating toast that has a face!

2. Of course that turkey sandwich is too hot!

3. Duh, mom. Everyone knows cucumbers are supposed to be round.

4. She didn’t really expect her child to eat watermelon with a seed in it, did she? I mean, look how big that thing is.

5. The struggle of having to eat cereal that has been poured wrong.

The agony of when your cereal was poured wrong but you still have to eat it. #mykidcanteatthis
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6. The ketchup is touching the cheese. That’s a perfectly good reason to not eat a cheeseburger.

7. Why would you cut it in half? It’s completely inedible now.

8. Look at all those green peppers! No one could eat this.

Which makes moms everywhere want to say this:

9. The bottoms of the grapes are the best part.