Willie Robertson Celebrated The End Of 2017 By Baptizing His Family In The Jordan River

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The new year is a time to refresh and start over, a time to eagerly look forward to who you will become. It seems duck Dynasty‘s Robertson family took that idea and ran with it, taking time to get baptized in the Jordan river during their family trip to Israel at the end of 2017. The Robertson’s oldest, Rebecca posted an image of Willie baptizing her next to her husband and it is super sweet.

As the preacher says, “Buried with Christ, raised to walk in new life.” Now that is a New Year’s resolution to live by.

While the family didn’t post many pictures of the event, it looks like they all were washed in the waters where Jesus was baptized.

“2018, We are coming for you,” Rebecca captioned her picture. After 2017, we all have hope and resolve to make 2018 amazing. Here’s to new life!