Ronnie Dunn’s Country Home: The Forge


A team from Country Outfitter recently visited Ronnie Dunn’s country home near Nashville. The so-called barn, aka The Forge, serves as sanctuary and getaway for Ronnie, his wife Janine, and their friends and family. We couldn’t stop ooh-ing and ah-ing over the breathtaking design (not to mention the scenery) and thought you’d like a peek at one of the most serene and beautiful country homes we’ve ever seen.


This is no ordinary porch swing. Suitable for sitting, napping, and if you’re lucky, a little snacking.


If you recognize the swing from this angle, it might be because you’ve seen it on the cover of one of our favorite magazines, Garden & Gun.


The stone hearth is the focal point of the great room, which is filled with muted hues and natural materials.


Here’s a perfect spot for an afternoon nap. And see that table in the background? It was a wedding gift from Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.


This is the view of the custom made front door, from the inside. Like everything else this detail is rugged, masculine, and natural.


Here’s a peek at the property surrounding The Forge, where Dunn captures the wildlife through his camera lens.


Casual, elegant, and absolutely gorgeous. This is the kitchen of our dreams.


Janine Dunn found these chairs in Nashville and bought several. The hide is Axis and the horns are a blend of elk, moose and whitetail. The chairs are stunning, and also dangerous if you’re not careful. One of our team might have found that out the hard way.


The Forge is a simple home, with a living area and kitchen downstairs, and four bedrooms upstairs. This is the beautifully sparse hall that connects the rooms.


How would you like to spend a night on that bed? Notice the blocks underneath. Apparently some guests couldn’t take the sway, so the Dunns stabilized the swinging bed.


Every detail, down to the vanities, works together to create a rustic, homey feel.


Here’s a great shot of the custom light fixture that hangs over the enormous island separating the kitchen from the living area. (As you can see, in addition to their talent, the Dunns are wonderful hosts as well. Check out that breakfast!)


Finally, here is the view toward that amazing front door. This image in no way does justice to the beauty of the place, but we figured you’d want a peek at the outside too. You can barely see the hay hook above the windows. Just another detail tying past and present, country and modern styles together.

Learn more about the making of The Forge in Ronnie Dunn’s own words in his COUNTRY THIS blog post.

We’re celebrating the release of Ronnie Dunn’s latest solo album, Peace Love and Country Music, available April 8th. 

“Music is the soundtrack to life. Enticing visuals are just as important. When and if the two come together in harmony, good things happen. I believe that the music that I make has to depict an honest representation of who I am. How I live and my life experiences come together to define the songs that I write and record. In a perfect world, I would capture the visual with the sound track. The people at Country Outfitter are helping achieve that goal.” ~Ronnie Dunn

Images: Country Outfitter