Route 66 Attractions in the OK State: Oklahoma

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Route 66 is one of my favorite pieces of Americana. It’s always been my dream to travel from Chicago to LA in one massive road trip. Even though I haven’t taken the trip on the Mother Road, I have been to a few different fun places in Oklahoma, California, Kansas and friends. We’ll be serving up the spots you need to hit during your summer road trip.

Arcadia Round Barn

Located in Arcadia, you cannot miss the Round Barn. Painted a bright red, it was built in 1898 and later restored in 1992. The barn is most famous for its apperence in the move Elizabethtown, which for a period in college I couldn’t stop watching. But it’s a fun roadside attraction on its own. Full of history, you can take tours of the round barn or even host your next event there. It’s a perfect piece of Oklahoma and Route 66 history.


Right across the street from the Arcadia Round Barn, Pops is a gas station, diner, and gift shop. Sounds boring, right? It’s not. You can literally find any kind of bottled soda you want there, and there’s a full glass wall of pop bottles. The food is great too, I recommend the grilled cheese. Built less than 5 years ago, there’s a giant light up pop bottle outside that is over 66 feet tall and weighs over 4 tons. Make sure that Pops is a stop on your road trip!

Big Blue Whale

The Big Blue Whale is located in Catoosa, OK, and is one of the most recognizable Route 66 landmarks. It also has it’s own website and merchandise as I found out while doing research for this post. Used in the 1970’s as a meeting spot for people to swim, picnic and relax, The Big Blue Whale was closed in the late 1980’s. It now draws thousands of people a year to visit this iconic piece of Route 66 history.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

In Clinton, OK there’s a great little Route 66 museum. There you can learn more about the journey from Chicago to LA, and see different artifacts that are a little smaller than a huge blue whale, but just as important. It only costs about $5 for admission, and it’s well worth the price. My favorite displays are the classic cars!

There are tons more fun and exciting spots on The Mother Road, you just have to take time to explore Route 66. We’ll be coming to you with other states soon!

Photo Credit: TexasExplorer98 via Compfight cc, Wikimedia