Hilarious Video Explains Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Fall Weddings


When it comes to wedding planning, it’s usually best to leave all the big decisions and opinions to the bride and groom-– after all, it’s their wedding, but some people (bless their hearts) need a little help when it comes to picking the best weekend for their big day. You know the couples I mean-– the ones who are so blinded by love and caught up in planning, that they plan a fall wedding without even checking to see if the date they picked is on a bye week (as if it being during football season wasn’t bad enough).

Do they know the problems this will cause? Are they okay with the fact that their groomsmen or bridesmaids may check their phones for updates while the couple is saying their vows? Have they estimated the number of attendees who will leave the reception early if they do not broadcast the game on a big screen TV? Do they realize that their friends and family members may get their pretty tri-fold wedding invitation in the mail and be filled with dread rather than happiness?

Surely, the bride and groom haven’t thought this through. The truth is, friends don’t let friends have fall weddings, and this hilarious YouTube video perfectly sums up the proper response to finding out a friend has planned a fall wedding.