7 Signs You’re A Strong Mom

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It takes hard work to raise kids who actually turn into kind and respectful adults. It doesn’t happen just by sitting back and watching from the sidelines. It takes blood, sweat, and tears with lots of sleepless nights in between, and more times than not, it takes a strong mom doing what strong moms do! If you’re wondering if you fit the bill, here are seven signs that you’re a strong mama.

7 Signs You’re A Strong Mom:

1. You don’t let your kids run the show.

You have to know when to put your foot down. From toddlerhood to the teenage years, your child will constantly ask the question, “Who’s the boss – me or you?” A strong mom knows when to put her foot down-– not for the sake of being controlling but because it’s important for kids to learn to respect their parents, even if they don’t agree with them. Kids who run the show often grow up to be entitled adults who expect the world to revolve around them.


2. You let your kids fail and don’t jump in to save them every time.
Kids need to learn to fail with grace while they’re young, so that they can deal with failure when they become adults. A strong mom knows this and makes the conscious decision to step aside during these kind of teaching moments. It’s not always the prettiest part of parenting, but strong moms keep their eye on the goal – raising a child who can fall down, pick himself up, and keep running.

3. You can go full mama bear if necessary (but only in the direst of circumstances).
Don’t mess with mama bear. Strong moms aren’t afraid to confront others when necessary. When my mother-in-law was raising her kids, her young son had an incident with a bully. My mother-in-law invited the bully and his mom to their house for a play date. They had a good heart-to-heart with both moms and sons included, and the bully never messed with her son again.


4. You don’t change with the tides.

Strong moms aren’t looking around trying to figure out what all the other parents are doing. You know how you want to raise your kids, and you aren’t afraid to set boundaries, curfews, and rules. You don’t fall for the, “But, so and so’s parents let them do such and such.” This doesn’t mean you aren’t ever flexible, but you won’t be swayed by what other people are doing.

5. You set a good example.
At the end of the day, your kids are more likely to learn more from the example you set than the words that you say. It may not seem like your kids are watching, but they see how you live your life. They notice the sacrifices you make, the work that you do when you’re exhausted and worn out, and the attitude that you have while you do it; so don’t believe the lie that all that you do goes unseen.

6. You are the glue of your family.
Strong moms do everything in their power to keep their families together. You don’t let siblings get away with being mean to each other. You teach your kids to say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” You create family fun nights and silly traditions, and have random popcorn and movie nights too. You do this because you know the bonds between family can be strong, but it doesn’t just happen.

7. You love your kids fiercely.
Strong moms lay down the law and get called, “the meanest mom ever.” They enforce curfew and get called “uptight.” They have a “family fun night” and get called, “lame.” It’s not exactly the glowing review moms want to hear from their kids, but strong moms know that behind all their strength is a ton of love; and in 20 years or so, your kids will know that too.