“Happy 2nd Birthday, Silos Baking Co.!” Joanna Gaines Celebrates Anniversary of Bakery’s Opening With Gorgeous Balloon Display

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“Happy 2nd Birthday, Silos Baking Co!!!” she said in an Instagram post showing Silos Baking Co.’s building covered in a gorgeous balloon display. Unfortunately, Joanna said, they had to take them down after it got too windy, but they found a perfect space to keep them in the meantime. 

“Side note: The balloons were fun while they lasted… the wind brought the party to the next level and we had to take them down to prevent them from flying away. But the good news is- Chip’s got a fun surprise waiting for him in his office…” 

Joanna Gaines Instagram / @joannagaines

Chip and Joanna just welcomed their fifth baby, Crew Gaines, into the world and he’s as cute as they get!