7 Times Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Was Practically Perfect

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Simone Biles is the new ‘it’ girl of gymnastics, managing to perform feats that many gymnasts can only dream of. She’s snagged 3 gold medals so far at the Rio Olympics, and she’s only getting better. Biles is so incredible and so strong that she’s got her own signature move– a double layout with a twist added to it that’s near impossible to perform on the short floor.

Aside from her gymnastics prowess, though, Simone is a pretty cool person in general. Check out some of our favorite Simone moments. She’s going to be (or already is) a star, after all.


You know someone’s got your back when they’ll actually crack it for you.


This height difference between these two Olympians is pretty incredible. Like, wow.


As someone who extensively needed tape for sports, I definitely sympathize with Aly Raisman more here.


People do this, like seriously? Wow.


Speaking of incredible, here’s a video of her doing the same thing.


And she’s even nice enough to give her coach some credit!


Of course, this one takes the cake. Happy gold medal, Simone!