Sister Jean Is What Our Country Really Needs And She Knows It

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Mach Madness has lived up to its name this year. It is the first year a top-seeded team has lost in the first round and has seen an unlikely underdog, the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers, rise all the way to the Final Four. But the most unlikely hero is Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the Rambler’s 98-year-old chaplain who has found herself at the center of attention throughout the tournament.

For Sister Jean, her team isn’t just what her school or city needs, this is for the nation. “We need something to boost us,” she told reporters after The Ramblers secured a spot in the Final Four. “This is what will do it.” Preach! Everyone loves an underdog!

Man, forget interviewing coaches, Sister Jean is the only person we need to talk to. In one brief interview, she came out with all of these gems:

  • “Be careful San Antonio, the Ramblers are on their way!”
  • “A young man says to me, ‘Sister Jean, we broke your bracket.’ Keep breaking it! I did have a second bracket taking them to the top. I call it my ‘Cinderella Dream Bracket.'”
  • On why she wore her hat backwards: “I did it because I just know that’s how they do it.” Icon.

That’s not even to mention her interview with “Good Morning America” where she opened with, “I’m really happy to be saying good morning to all of America today,” instantly adding the three “Good Morning America” hosts in New York to her growing legion of admirers.

She went on to describe her love of basketball, which started in seventh grade playing half-court basketball for her school.

The Ramblers play Michigan in the Final Four this weekend. Poor Michigan will either beat America’s favorite team and become instant villains or lose to a No. 11. It’s a lose-lose situation for them.