This ‘Sky Tent’ Might Make You Question Your Entire Camping Experience

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Camping is a huge part of the summer experience. We eagerly wait for campgrounds and hiking trails to become viable again, dusting off our camping supplies in excitement. For some of us, though, camping is bland and unoriginal, an outdoor version of sitting in your living room, only with heat, mosquitoes, and mud. For those of you who want something more from your camping experience, meet Tentsile, a new type of camping that just might change your camping routine forever.

Pitched as a cross between a treehouse and a tent, Tentsile tents boast the ability to lift your camping experience off the ground for good, avoiding snakes, mud, bugs, and lumpy ground in the process. Their pitching method also means that you aren’t confined to flat ground in your search for a campground. Camp over rivers, slopes, ocean, ravines, and more. Tentsile also pledges to plant 3 trees for every tent sold. Sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Can we have one?