10 Epic Snowmen We Need To Build Right Now


Snow Days are for sledding and snowman building – there’s not much else on the agenda. Most people are content to go with the standard, traditional snowman – the one that kind of looks like Frosty. Some people, though, are willing to go above and beyond, seeing snow as a canvas for beautiful (and, sometimes, hilarious) works of art like these. Check them out.

1. Shark Week isn’t just for summer.


2. And all the Star Wars fans said, “This is AWESOME!”

3. All the details make this “snowman” pretty incredible.

4. Gotta love a minion snowman.

5. The Dark Knight rises from the snow.

6. Snoopy catching some ZZZs (like he should be on a snow day).


7. A hilarious twist on the traditional snowman.

8. That’s one way to show your love for your football team!

9. Snowmen get hungry too.

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Thats one way to build a snowman! #bestsnowmanever

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10. I spy Nessie!